NOWHERE DREAMER / Lifetimes: Reborn 1987〜1995

型番 RR-501
販売価格 1,320円(税120円)
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Arizona-based band NOWHERE DREAMER made alot of waves over the years and even won music awards in their native state -- with their unique brand of acoustic-driven melodic rock and stunning tight 3 part vocal harmonies、 which set them apart from alot of other bands from the late '80s and early '90s. Their "Lifetimes" CD was originally released in 1993 but we have digitally remastered it and repacked it with a bunch of previously unreleased tracks、 several of which show Nowhere Dreamer's heavier rock side. If you like big vocal harmonies、 well-written memorable melodic songs、 and acoustic guitar driven rock then you definitely need to check this release out!!