型番 RR-497
販売価格 1,210円(税110円)
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Often wrongly described as straight up metal、 Utah-based GENOCIDE is actually a very interesting mix of melodic hard rock with a strong NWOBHM influence (early Judas Priest、 and even Black Sabbath!) and quite a healthy dose of 70's progressive rock ala Deep Purple、Lucifer's Friend and Uriah Heep (complete with rockin' organs). Led by the very talented frontman/vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire GARY HENDRICKSON who has written some pretty off the wall、 eccentric lyrics here too!! Originally released in 1982、 this album has almost a cult status now amongst collectors of obscure hard rock. All songs have been digitally remastered. The musicianship is very impressive and the blend of different influences make for a fantastic listening roller coaster. Following Genocide、 Gary Hendrickson would go on to release a solo album 5 years later under his last name which Retrospect is also proud to offer. Be sure to check out that release also!! Now get rockin'!!