ELECTRIC EELS / Electric Eels

型番 RR-451
販売価格 1,320円(税120円)

Following up the release of Electric Eels' self titled album、 is "II" - complete with similar fantasy artwork and a whopping 19 songs on 1 disc - all previously unreleased studio and live recordings from 1986 featuring lead vocalist and raw fiery guitarist Jerry Leal (The Heritage、 Eve's Burden). Some excellent classic 80's melodic hard rock / metal here that is arguably even heavier than their first album. Special guest Sharon Jordan (Groundstar、 The Heritage、 Eve's Burden) shares lead vocals with Jerry on track 8. The raw power of the live tracks (recorded in Pismo Beach、 CA) really shine here、 proving that the Eels were an explosive and intense live act and you can really feel yourself right there in 1986 with your fist pumping!! Compiled and digitally remastered by Jerry Leal himself at his Pyramid Studios in Fresno、 CA. Grab this slice of 80's metal history while you can!!