DC STAR / The Best Of DC Star - Record Classics

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During the late 70s and half of the 80s there were a number of U.S. bands located in the Northeast that never got the recognition they so rightly deserved. Those bands included ANGEL 、 STARZ 、 THE GODZ and the incomparable DC STAR. From 1977 to 1987 DC Star packed venues all over the region and even snagged a deal with Atlantic Records who would release their 'Rockin in the Classroom' album in 1985. During this time period DC Star recorded a slew of material that was only released on vinyl and/or cassette and now Retrospect has finally issued this fantastic material on 2 cd's. This is Volume 2 which includes some previously unreleased recordings as well as the classic "Livin In A Rock n Roll Whirl" recordings. You will want to definitely check out Volume 1 as well. DC Star was a band that should have been huge. They had all the elements. Great songs 、 an amazing singer (Kenny Taylor) 、 fiery axework (Dave Simmons + Jeff Avery) and an extremely tight rhythm section (Henry Farmer and Glenn Jones). If you are a fan of timeless early 80s Melodic Rock then DC Star is a band you need to hear!!