ROBERT HART ロバート・ハート / CIRCUS LIFE サーカス・ライフ (輸入盤CD)(限定:直筆サインカード付き!)

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Manfred Mann’s Earth Band,BAD COMPANY、THE JAMES GANGやTHE DISTANCEなどで活動してきた英国人シンガーRobert Heartの前作『Pure』から約4年ぶりの新作。

前作PUREの延長線上に有るが、プロダクションも上回り、制作もSteve Morris(HEARTLAND/LONERIDER)、Steve Overland (FM/LONERIDER/Solo)、Robert Sall(Work of Art/WET)、Steve Mann(MSG/Ousey Mann/LIONHEART)、Chris Childs(THUNDER/TYKETTO/LONERIDER)、Harry James (THUNDER/SHADOWMAN)、Keith Atack (Atack / Bonnie Tyler)らがソングライター/ゲストとして参加。BAD COMPANYに代表されるブリティッシュ・ハード路線、キャリアを通じて追求して来たAORやポップス、ブルース、ソウルなど多彩なタイプの楽曲にRobert Heartの歌唱が乗った歌の魅力を生かした作品。

Robert Hart is a much-loved British vocalist and has been involved with many top acts over the years such as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Bad Company and The Jones Gang. He is also remembered for his fine solo albums, more recently “Pure” which was released by Escape music in 2020.

Robert has such a versatile vocal range and can adapt his vocals to many types of rock music, such as AOR, Hard Rock and Blues rock and he has demonstrated this admirably on many occasions since the 1980’s. This is no exception.

“Circus Life” also features many musicians and songwriters such as Steve Overland and Steve Morris who actually wrote the songs we have on show here. The style of “Circus Life” is an extension of what Robert gave us for the “Pure” album but this new recording tops even that. We have bags of melody and some excellent musicianship, as you would expect for such a line-up. If you like Bad Company then you are not going to be disappointed with these 12 tracks.

Produced by Steve Overland & Steve Morris
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Folkare
Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Robert Hart – Vocals (Solo / Bad Company / Manfred Mann / Diesel)

And featuring:
Steve Morris (Heartland / Lonerider / Ian Gillan)
Steve Overland (FM / Lonerider / solo)
Robert Sall (Work of Art / WET)
Steve Mann (MSG / Ousey Mann / Lionheart)
Chris Childs (Thunder / Tyketto / Lonerider)
Harry James (Thunder / Shadowman)
Keith Atack (Atack / Bonnie Tyler)

1- Overdrive (3:56)
2- Stone Heart (4:41)
3- Blame it on me (3:32)
4- I’m on your side (5:05)
5- I’ll Take the bullet (4:08)
6- Lay me down easy (4:23)
7- Right here, right now (3:51)
8- Too much time on my hands (5:07)
9- Bring on Tomorrow (4:24)
10- That was the day (4:26)
11- The wrong side of love (4:29)
12- The time of our lives (4:13)